Saturday, 5 February 2011

Terrific Work from Home Business Opportunity for that extra money for YOU

Terrific Work from Home Business Opportunity  for that extra money for YOU

The enterprise concerned is selling superior hand crafted  cards made by Susan Anne Luxury Cards of Boston.  Each card is UNIQUE--------there is only one of each.

The cards can be sold by you to family, friends, through independent retailers, relatives, pre school groups, market stalls, nurseries, school events, auction websites, Local Community events, Home Parties, Sports Clubs, and any bodies of which you or your partner are a member etc------the opportunities are absolutely endless.  All the time , you are making money for yourself. There is no need to stick to our prices when you sell, that is entirely up to you.

NOTE:  The commission rate we offer is a highly generous and attractive rate of 35%

Just go to our website    and   choose the  cards that you want, tell us which they are (each one has a Stock Number) and we will send you an invoice for the selling price which is on the website, LESS Your 35% commission.  Then YOU start your selling and earning money . Give yourself those little luxuries in life with only a small effort on your part. The cards you choose will be posted to you within 48 hours POST FREE.

The cards will be supplied  on a first come, first served, basis, as there is ONLY ONE of each .

You will see from our website that we have cards covering all occasions. All cards are sent in polythene wrappers and are supplied with the appropriate sized envelopes.

We have some ‘agents’  already in different parts of the country, who keep returning for more stock, -------and they are earning !   THE SYSTEM WORKS.


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